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images of tiffany bracelets

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I bought a Paloma Picasso cocktail ring a couple of years ago. After wearing it a couple of instances, the gold caught in my dress and came away from the stone. I flattened it again down and simply thought that the gold was really delicate. I wore the ring on very uncommon events. Lately I sent two cuffs to Tiffany to have them polished, and I thought I would ship the ring as well. I acquired a invoice for over $500 - not even itemized. I had to contact them three times earlier than I obtained an itemized bill. I said I assumed the ring was faulty, because the prongs are fairly unfastened. They stated it was wear and tear.

Tiffany & Co. was founded in 1837, and since its inception it's develop into some of the renowned American heritage jewellery brands up to now. Tiffany & Co.'s silver studio was the first college of design within the United States, setting the standard for advantageous jewellery and weaving new craftsmanship practices and aesthetics into the country's tradition. The corporate's jewellery collections take elegance to a new stage. From the smooth Tiffany 1837 bracelets and Key necklaces to the Atlas earrings and Celebration rings, Tiffany's elevated offerings are the right items to shine off your ensemble. Radiate with diamonds in each fashion and setting conceivable, go classic with understated silver and gold pieces or be bold with an enamel bangle. Elevate your wonderful jewellery sport with our collection of Tiffany & Co. under.