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ms tiffany thompson

Vital white diamonds over 5 carats might be wonderful storehouses of value, and are sometimes sold at very transparent, low margins. Although I am retired, I'm pleased to work on a tiny commission for a big sale, and it helps to have a 'choosy professional' on your side when you are laying out huge bucks.

FYI: Apparently Tiffany staff get a very low commission rate on silver jewelry, so if you're treated like crap when buying silver, they are just wondering when their next massive curler is going to walk in and in case you are wasting their time with 2% commission.

Diamond Solitaire Rings on you mind? Tiffany-model lamps are on no account cheap. They are, actually, costly. But the real Tiffany lamps, nonetheless, are VERY COSTLY. A number of the original Tiffany lamps that have been made in the Eighteen Nineties at the moment are selling for as much as $eight million - and that doesn't include the cost of having your Tiffany lamp authenticated by an antique seller.

There are a couple of opinions as to what Holly Golightly did to assist herself. Whether or not she was a call woman or a gold digger is up for debate. If either is the case, nothing within the pages of the story, and even in the movie, indicates that she was doing something in opposition to her personal will. She lived life on her own phrases. She also showed that she cherished on her own phrases when, within the novella, she says that her superb accomplice could be Nehru, Wendell Wilkie, or Greta Garbo, including that a person ought to have the ability to marry males or girls. On display, this was changed to Nero, Albert Schweitzer, and Leonard Bernstein.

While Hepburn's love for Tiffany was clear, she even slept in a Tiffany Blue coloured satin eye-mask, she didn't appear in a single piece of the jeweler's creations in the film. The closest she came to sporting one was when she posed for publicity photographs shortly after filming the opening sequence. It was a doozy, the 128.54-carat canary Tiffany Diamond set in a ribbon necklace by the agency's French designer Jean Schlumberger. A glimpse of the jewel will be seen in one of many jewellery cases when Hepburn makes an tour during enterprise hours to Tiffany with her neighbor played by George Peppard.