tiffany campbell | Tiffany Exec Stole Jewelry Worth $1.3M

tiffany campbell

The wall-to-wall renovations at 730 N. Michigan Ave., anticipated to be accomplished in September, are part of a larger effort to introduce a brand new aesthetic to Tiffany's retail stores, said Edward Gerard, group vice chairman of U.S. retail sales for New York-based Tiffany & Co.

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I bought a Paloma Picasso cocktail ring a couple of years ago. After carrying it a couple of times, the gold caught in my dress and came away from the stone. I flattened it back down and simply thought that the gold was actually tender. I wore the ring on very rare occasions. Not too long ago I despatched two cuffs to Tiffany to have them polished, and I believed I might ship the ring as effectively. I got a invoice for over $500 - not even itemized. I needed to contact them three times earlier than I obtained an itemized bill. I stated I assumed the ring was faulty, as a result of the prongs are pretty unfastened. They stated it was put on and tear.