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tiffany documentary

On the wrist, this was is simply flat-out awesome. It positively has extra diamonds than I usually wear, but it surely would not read as female or dainty at all, even with the 32.5mm case. It does not look small on the wrist above, does it? There's something very glamorous and rock-star about it, most likely as a result of measurement of the diamonds. They really feel sized to the width of the bezel and the size of the watch, fairly than having been considered independently and been made to work regardless. The Tiffany stamp balances nicely with the Omega emblem and signature too (not at all times the case with double signatures). Finally, one of my favourite issues about this watch is how it shows its age. There are some scratches within the running seconds sub-dial at six 'clock, the dial has a number of different markings, and the case is not loopy shiny. It looks like a worn watch that you simply would possibly discover at an estate sale, not one thing that's been handled like a relic.

In response to a legal complaint, the missing jewelry included quite a few diamond bracelets in 18-carat gold, diamond drop and hoop earrings in platinum or 18-carat gold, diamond rings in platinum, rings with treasured stones in 18-carat gold, and platinum and diamond pendants.

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Instance: The Acme Digital camera Company assembles its cameras within the U.S. The digital camera lenses are manufactured in the U.S., however most of the remaining elements are imported. A journal advert for the digital camera is headlined "Watch out for Imported Imitations" and states "Other high-end camera makers use imported parts made with low cost overseas labor. But at Acme Digicam, we want only the highest quality components for our cameras and we believe in employing American staff. That is why we make all of our lenses right here in the U.S." This ad is more likely to convey that more than a specific product part (the lens) is of U.S. origin. The marketer should be prepared to substantiate the broader U.S. origin declare conveyed to consumers viewing the advert.

Movie idols, the paragons of romance for the mass viewers, would be given diamonds to use as their symbols of indestructible love. In addition, the agency suggested providing tales and society photographs to selected magazines and newspapers which might reinforce the hyperlink between diamonds and romance. Stories would stress the size of diamonds that celebrities introduced to their loved ones, and photographs would conspicuously present the glittering stone on the hand of a well-known woman.