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tiffany fireplace screens

The Museum Store features unique merchandise derived from the works of grasp designer Louis Consolation Tiffany—including jewellery, stained-glass panels, glass bowls, and vases—and a variety of items inspired by other artists represented within the Museum's collection. The Store additionally maintains an intensive selection of books on the art of Tiffany and late 19th and early 20th-century decorative art. For product info and purchases, contact the Museum Shop immediately at (407) 645-5316 or e-mail(JavaScript should be enabled to view this electronic mail address).

In 1867, Tiffany & Co. gained the Award of Benefit on the Paris Exposition Universelle, the primary time an American company had been so honored by a European jury. The next 12 months, Tiffany & Co. was integrated, and London, Geneva and Paris soon had Tiffany branches.

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Tiffany desk lamps can brighten up a workspace and make time spent at a desk way more gratifying. The diamond cut also lends itself to an especially delicate band, sculpted so that its personal reflectiveness will not compete with the stone, with the basket's refined prongs mixing seamlessly into the diamond. That is reflective of the model's core id founded on the Tiffany Setting, a classic solitaire diamond which has change into one of the crucial in-demand engagement ring types in the final century.

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