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Mirki i Miruny. Byłem wczoraj na # wolyn , movie bardzo dobry, wstrząsający, świetnie zrealizowany. Chciałbym przeczytać coś więcej tym, jakaś # ksiazka Wołyniu, niekoniecznie samej rzezi, ale też z rysem historycznym. Z racji popularności filmu, widziałem wysyp książek w księgarniach. Jesteście w stanie coś polecić? Boję się, że trafię na jakieś propagandowe gówno, albo inny szwedzki kryminał Sumlińskiego.

These are the uniquely designed lamps that have glass shade designed by Louis Consolation Tiffany and his reputed design studio. Despite the fact that this lamp was first created in the 12 months 1895 nevertheless it's nonetheless fashionable among the household owners who're loopy for antique merchandise. It's extremely beneficial to purchase Tiffany fashion lamps from an authentic retailer with a purpose to take pleasure in finest returns on your investment. The stained glass of this lamp definitely enhances the beauty of the interiors of a home in a smart manner.

Tiffany fashion lamps can add colour and elegance to your home. Talking of Nike+ that app is getting a redesign in June that the company says will make it nearly as personal as the match on these adaptive-laced sneakers. One login will tie customers to the SNKRS , Run Club and Coaching Club apps, and provide product recommendations which can be individually tailored. Nike is going all out to push purchases with a personal touch, together with a "Services" tab that may present concierge-like access to "Nike+ Experts" to answer all of your burning sportswear queries. or e-book a reservation at a Nike retailer.

Additionally during this time, the US was largely importing luxurious housewares and high quality silver from Europe, and so Charles Lewis Tiffany got down to disrupt this monopoly. He opened his own manufacturing facility and hired American father-son silver craftsmen John and Edward Moore to create an intensive library of silver designs. Beneath the Moores, Tiffany grew to become celebrated for its silver, and finally for its porcelain china, crystal, and tableware too. Trophies, vases, tea units, and serving items had been globally famend, with Abraham Lincoln and William Randolph Hearst counted among the brand's prospects.

Exposure to attractive, aggressive, feminine leads in films affects how women and men take into consideration who ladies should be in the actual world. Girls particularly have high standards for different women, and anticipate them to be both stereotypically feminine and masculine i.e. lovely and aggressive somewhat than lovely and passive. That is according to new research by Laramie Taylor and Tiffany Setters, from the University of California, Davis within the US, revealed online in Springer's Intercourse Roles journal.