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tiffany meaning

The problems started in February 2010, when a moonstone from the necklace Ivanka was wearing—a necklace from her private collection—fell off throughout what she would later call an important meeting.” I am embarrassed to think that we are selling items with such flagrant disregard to high quality concern,” Ivanka wrote in an electronic mail to 2 executives at her jewellery line. This triggered Madison Avenue Diamonds to look more closely on the inventory general. The company mentioned it found that a selected part of the road, the white agate, was substandard and ought to be recalled. KGK changed the faulty inventory, but Madison Avenue Diamonds nonetheless decided to sever ties. It also failed to make good on its seven-determine bill.

In keeping with our dedication to accountable sourcing, we now provide provenance data for every newly sourced, individually registered diamond we set—a significant step for diamond transparency. Every Tiffany diamond, irrespective of how giant or small, is meticulously crafted. Tiffany is pleased with its 1,500 skilled cutters and polishers. Their passionate work unleashes an intense beauty in each stone they touch.

Tiffany is an oasis of calm, class, luxurious, and style amidst the bustling city simply outside the doors. Every thing in regards to the retailer, from the decor to the dress of the associates and the music enjoying in the background bolsters these feelings.

He was a road rat, no quite a lot of days previous. His life had begun in the dirty alley beside our condo in Hong Kong , and to most individuals, he would have embodied filth and illness. But we noticed as a substitute a fragile, unknowable life, and within the three years that adopted, we came to see him as no average soul.

To many women, shoes are like artworks. After that first painting, I went on a journey to search out out more about Nora Debolt, the girl. I had solely a group of prints and began to study them to see if I could discern where they had been painted. There are roughly 20 that I do know of. They seem to be all painted in just about the same space, with many comparable options in each painting. In my heart, I felt that these paintings were all accomplished when perhaps on vacation or a portray journey someplace in the northeastern United States, round lakes and the ocean, as the homes and buildings look a bit New Englandish, and the women and kids in her paintings put on clothing worn within the late 1800's and early 1900s.