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tiffany nelson

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For Schlumberger's retrospective on the Museé des Artwork Décoratifs in 1995, staged eight years after the designer died, the Tiffany Diamond was set in one of designer's most delightful creations, a brooch titled, Hen On A Rock.” The little creature perched on the corner of the massive gem proved to be so widespread, Tiffany stored it in the setting for a few years. It was a becoming tribute to Schlumberger who clearly would have beloved the diamond.

Chief executive Alessandro Bogliolo, a former executive at Italian luxurious jeweller Bulgari, took over Tiffany last 12 months In March, he outlined his plan to revitalise the company by tweaking advertising and marketing and dramatically altering its shops to draw more customers. At the same time, he sought to shore up Tiffany's procurement and IT operations while enhancing its capability to sell jewellery on-line. The initial indicators are promising: similar-retailer sales, a key retail metric, turned constructive on a currency-fixed basis last quarter.

Furthermore, the Tiffany's image was equally established as a lyrical status symbol of wealth and indulgence (Knight). Portrayed most memorably by Marilyn Monroe's iconic performance of Diamonds Are a Girl's Greatest Good friend (Gentlemen Favor Blondes). Regardless that the song solely mentions Tiffany's lyrically twice (Vito et al.), by means of the celebrity affiliation, Monroe was introduced as a reputable embodiment of Tiffany's model essence (Davis). Consequently, she completely hooked up her picture to that of the alluring Tiffany Diamonds for the audience, male and female, past and present (Vito et al.).