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tiffany open heart ring

Can the jeweler supply $2500, the manufacturer list value, for this used ring? Probably not. Despite will increase within the price of gold, the 'secondary diamond market' (used diamonds) is glutted. And also you, the customer, most frequently lose all the labor and craftsmanship costs for the ring when it is resold. Your ring is "used" whether it's been worn or not. Whenever you purchase a ring, you pay for all of the labor that goes into making it. Once you promote a ring, until it is signed Cartier or Tiffany, it is just the diamonds and the dear metallic worth. Picture, instead of a hoop, a pile of gold and a free shiny rock. That's what most people are promoting, whether it is swirly or ornate or made by the nicest goldsmith in town.

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Tiffany diamonds are brighter and more vibrant because we craft them that way. The mixture of Tiffany's exacting requirements for lower and unparalleled craftsmanship produces probably the most lovely diamonds in the world. And solely essentially the most expertly cut diamonds earn the suitable to be placed in the legendary Tiffany Blue FieldĀ®.